Bebo founder says the site has not shut down

Last updated at 14:53
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Bebo has NOT shut down according to one of the people who set the website up.

The social network went offline on Monday, and there's been lots of internet gossip that it might've gone for good.

Michael Birch, who started the website, tweeted: "Am super sad that Bebo has actually gone. Some very fun times with very cool people."

But then a few minutes later he said: "Bebo should be coming back in a matter of hours."

Technical hitch?

There's been no official explanation about what's going on, but there are reports that it's been taken offline because of technical problems.

Some people think it could be a big publicity stunt to get everyone talking about Bebo.

Bebo was launched in 2005, and was really popular with tens of millions of users.

In 2008 it was sold to AOL for £540 million, but since then loads of people have stopped using it.

It was recently re-sold for less than £10 million.