Chris Evans' 500 Words competition to write a top tale

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500 words competition launched

Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans has launched a competition for kids to write a story in fewer than 500 words.

It's a chance for all young writers to get involved and create their very own short story that's no more than 500 words (about two sides of paper).

It's open everyone aged 13 or younger and there are two age categories; 10-13 and 9 and under.

You could win yourself a pile of books as tall as Chris Evans, and 500 books for your school library!

2011 was the first year of the competition and 30,000 kids from all over the country took part.

And if you're stuck for ideas on what to write, who better to give you some tips than Tracy Beaker author Dame Jaqueline Wilson?

Have a look at her advice in the clip below.