Chat: What would you cook for the Queen?

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Ricky visited Buckingham Palace to meet the head chef

A competition has just been launched for kids to cook a meal for the Queen.

It's to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee which is in June.

The Diamond Jubilee British Food Fortnight is inviting all schools in the UK to create a special menu which includes recipes that celebrate the best of British and the food produced in your part of the country.

The winning menu will be served to The Queen and The Duchess of Cornwall at a reception at Buckingham Palace.

But what would you cook? What meal would be fit for a Queen?

Here are some of your suggestions for what you'd serve for the perfect Royal dinner party...

Your comments

"For starters I would roll slices of locally sourced beef around fresh asparagus, followed by roast lamb with roast potatoes, glazed carrots, fresh peas and parsnips. For dessert I would make bakewell slices and have a cheese board to finish!"

Lucy, 11, Dorset, England

"For the starter a home made cheese and broccoli soup. For the main steamed salmon cooked in milk and butter with peas on the side. For the dessert a ginger biscuit heart with strawberry's and icing sugar on top."

Kelly, 11, Doncaster, England

"The children at Park Gate Primary School voted to make the Queen: tomato and basil soup, Roast Beef with all the trimmings, and Sticky Toffee Pudding with toffee sauce."

Park Gate Primary School, ages 7 -11, Southampton, England

"I share my birthday with the Queen and I was named after her. As an extra special treat I'd like to bake her a little cake!"

Libby, 8, Conway, Wales

"I would make green tea-salmon with chopped up lemons on the side for starter. For the main, red wine-chicken and broccoli and rice and potato. For dessert, strawberry smoothie and my swirl lemon cake delight with squirts of cream."

Nicola, 10, Edinburgh, Scotland

"For the starter, lentil soup with bread and butter. For the main, I would cook spaghetti Bolognese, and for dessert I would cook a sponge cake in the shape of a crown with icing the colour of jewels."

Beth, 11, Stirling, Scotland

"I would cook the Queen curried parsnip soup as a starter (served with sourdough bread). For the main, sirloin steak with seasonal veg, roast/mashed potatoes and pigs in blankets. For dessert I would prepare lemon meringue pie with lemon sorbet."

Emily, 12, North Yorkshire, England

"I would bake her some microwavable Asda's baked beans."

Cory, 14, Wakefield, England

"I would make her a hotdog because that's all I can cook."

James, 11, Birmingham, England

"Fish, chips and tomato sauce."

Isra, 12, Birmingham, England

"For starter I would cook a Parma ham with pear and parmesan salad. For main I'd cook chicken supreme with rice. For a pudding I'd cook a mixed fruit crumble with a touch of Devonshire clotted cream!"

Sara, 11, Devon, England

"For the starter I would cook a butternut squash and sweet potato soup. Then for main I would cook minted lamb chops with potatoes and vegetables. Finally for desert I would bake a Victorian sponge cake."

Niamh, 11, Cheshire, England

"I would cook Quorn mince (a vegetarian alternative which is much tastier than meat and less fat) on top of pasta with sauce, then Quorn hotdogs and chips for main, then a giant chocolate gateau for pudding."

Megan, 12, Northamptonshire, England

"I would probably deep fry a chocolate bar! It would be yummy! And different."

Lola, 12, Plymouth, England

"I would cook her Queen's vegetable soup, followed by a chicken curry with basmati rice and savoury Diamond cut biscuits and for dessert JUBILEE cake!"

Hannah, 11, Devon, England

"I would cook a tomato soup with a crunchy roll for starter. Chicken wrapped in bacon with Philadelphia and a salad with croutons. For pudding a Victoria sponge with fresh cream and jam with butter cream icing and a fruit Union Jack, using strawberries and blue berries."

Tayla, 12, Chepstow, Wales

"I would make the Queen a vegetarian meat feast (made out of soy mince) which is very healthy!"

Harvir, 9, West Midlands, England

"I would cook a classic black country meal, faggots and peas! Faggots are meat filled with gravy, it's gorgeous."

Daniel, 10, Dudley, England

"Nice smooth Victoria sponge with the Union Jack on the top and with the Queen's name on it."

Dominic, 10, Shropshire, England

"I would cook salmon with cream cheese inside served with prawn and a little salad. Followed by an English roast dinner and big cupcake cake!"

Lucy, 12, Suffolk, England

"I would cook her a Sunday roast with any meat and veg, dessert would be a really big choc cake!"

Jordan, 10, Manchester, England

"To start (so that the Queen doesn't get hungry while she is waiting) I would do dips - my favourite is Hummus. Then I would serve the Queen a BIG Roast Dinner with lots of vegetables and Yorkshire Pudding. For Dessert, a cake saying 'Happy 60th Year on the Throne'."

Tilly, 7, West Yorkshire, England

"Most of my family come from Cornwall so I'm doing a Cornish theme. For a starter I would make leek and potato soup with a slice of homemade white loaf. Then my grandma's Cornish pasty recipe. And finally Victorian scones with jam and clotted cream."

Louise, 11, Northamptonshire, England

"I would cook the Queen a surprise and for dessert she can have what ever she wants!"

Darren, 9, Wolverhampton, England

"For a starter I would cook barbecued scallops and for main I would cook Soy-glazed tuna steaks followed by Ultimate chocolate cake for pudding."

Matthew, 11, England

"I'd make black pudding and bake apple stack with a honey mustard cream sauce for the starter, duck breast with apricot and almonds in a Madeira sauce and a side of seasonal vegetables for main, and panna cotta with fresh raspberry for dessert!"

Misha, 12, Cumbria, England

"I would serve the Queen homemade pasta salad with a healthy salad dressing for the starter, chicken breasts stuffed with vegetables for the main and a crown shaped low fat cheesecake with a lemon drizzle which says 'Queen Diamond Jubilee!'"

Amoy, 12, London, England

"I'd cook the Queen a roast dinner with beef and my special creamy mash covered in gravy made with a splash of red wine, followed by a huge chocolate Victoria sponge sandwiched together with vanilla butter cream (posh!)."

Sophie, 10, England

"For starters, I would cook divine BBQ chicken legs with BBQ sauce, followed by sausage casserole with vegetables, and washed down by some diet coke! For desert? Sticky toffee pudding with custard!"

Adan, 10, Liverpool, England

"Being a British occasion, I would do a tasty yet simple fish like plaice with an orange sauce. Not too over the top but yum!"

Jim, 11, Northamptonshire, England

"I would first serve her Caesar salad. Then for the main, I would cook her beef Wellington vegetables and potatoes. And for pudding, I would rustle up a black forest gateau!"

Summer, 12, Yorkshire, England

"I would probably cook her a lovely toad in the hole because I'm really fussy with food, but I love toad in the hole! For pudding, I'd probably make her a chocolate fudge cake with ice cream!"

Amy, 13, England

"First I would cook the Queen poached Hebridean salmon served with a nice style garnish, walnuts, caviar and natural yoghurt dressing for starters. For mains, a breast of corn fed chicken served with rosti potato, candid shallots and a fricassee of broad beans and peas with a white wine sauce. And for the dessert, a trio of chocolate served with orange cream and chocolate sauce.!

Harriet, 10, Sussex, England

"For the Queen, I would cook chicken goujons with pasta and peas in cheese sauce. And for desert, I'd do a diamond-shaped chocolate cake saying 'happy Diamond Jubilee!'."

Judah, 9, Leeds, England

"I would make the Queen a rich fillet steak covered in a gravy that was made out of some of the steak juice and some port. For desert, I would make a rich miniature Belgium milk chocolate cake, with a white chocolate rose on the top. And finally.... a dark Belgium chocolate sauce!"

Michael, 11, Yorkshire, England

"I'd cook the Queen the finest roast dinner EVER! Added with a Dubonnet cocktail - her majesty's favourite drink!"

Charlotte, 11, Buckinghamshire, England

"I'd cook the Queen smoked salmon with bread and butter, followed by Roast Beef with all the trimmings and finally chocolate cake with melted chocolate filling with "The Queen" in icing on the top."

Matila, 6, Surrey, England

"I would cook The Queen a 3 course meal! Starter: Broth with warm crusty rolls. Main meal: Aberdeen Angus Beef with vegetables and potatoes. Desert: Sticky toffee pudding and for her drink? Sparkling water!"

Tyler, 11, Aberdeenshire, England

"I would cook the Queen a regal dish like traditional English duck and marmalade pate on white English bread for starter. For main, it would be English beef roast potatoes, carrot and swede. If her majesty wanted dessert, she could have a bread and butter pudding with a side option of custard - but of course she doesn't have to have the custard! It would be optional!"

Hannah, 11, Lancashire, England

"For the Queen, I would cook a spaghetti with a cheesy sauce with chicken and bacon. And for pudding, a chocolate brownie with 4 whips of cream on top, some ice cream and on top... a ripe strawberry!"

Alex, 8, Midlands, England

"I would cook the Queen asparagus wrapped in parma ham, with a duck egg for the starter. For the main, I would do Scottish salmon with seasonal veg, followed by gooseberry crumble served with clotted cream."

Maddie, 13, Bristol, England

"For a starter I would cook a very posh French fois gras, also known as pate! Then I would cook a magrais de Canard (duck meat) and for desert I would cook a chocolate fondant with chantilly cream and raspberry sauce!"

Elise, 10, London, England

"I would cook the Queen a lovely prawn cocktail starter, fish and oven chips with mushy peas for her main, and for desert I would cook the Queen jelly and ice-cream."

Amelia, 11, Liverpool, England

"I would cook the Queen tomato soup to start, with some herbs. For the main, gammon and carrot sticks, with some gravy and for desert, strawberries and cream."

Jodie, 11, Chester, England

"For the starter i would serve baby squid, for main i would serve a Sunday roast, and for desert, chocolate cheese cake."

Olivia, 11, Norfolk, England

"I would prepare a full English breakfast for starter, a sea food platter including stuffed oysters for the main ,and a Crème Brule for desert."

Domenic, 13, West Sussex, England

"I would like to cook for her a Palestinian cuisine."

Mohammed, 10, Reading, England

"I would cook the Queen tomato and basil soup for starter, fish pie with peas and fried potato slices for main, and a poached pear with chocolate filling for desert, with coffee and berry macaroons."

Sophie, 12, Oxford, England

"For starter i would make soup, for the main maybe a rack of lamb with gravy, potatoes and veg. For desert I'd make tiramisu, or maybe cake."

Robin, 13, Oxfordshire, England

"For starter I would give the Queen smoked salmon salad, followed by Roast Lamb, with roast potatoes and gravy. For dessert I would make Bread and Butter Pudding."

Sophie, 7, Staffordshire, England

"I live in Yorkshire, so I would cook roast beef and Yorkshire puddings and rhubarb crumble with custard, because i live in the rhubarb triangle."

Jack, 6, Yorkshire, England

"I would make garlic bread balls and spaghetti meatballs for the Queen. For pudding I would make a melt in the middle chocolate pudding."

Izzy, 12, Brighton, England

"I would cook the Queen fish and chips."

Jack, 11, Dorset, England

"For starter I would cook Roast Tomato Soup , for the main course I would cook her Grilled Langoustine with herbs, and for dessert I would make pavlova."

Abbie, 10, Dunfermline, Scotland

"I'd cook her a Christmas dinner, only 1000 times bigger."

Alfie, 9, Suffolk, England

"I would give the Queen a wonderful filling treat. My starter would be chicken soup and homemade bread, for main i would do a nice traditional roast dinner, in rich gravy, and for desert a Victoria sponge with rich cream."

Aideen, 13, London, England

"I'd make a cottage pie served with tea!"

Molly, 12, Leeds, England

"For a starter, I would cook some pasta and salad, for a main I would make Lemon Chicken and rice, and finally, for desert I would make ice cream, a flake crumbled up, and some strawberry sauce."

Tia, 11, Wales

"For the Queen i would cook a Sunday dinner, and for dessert, a big slice of my mum's home made chocolate cake, with hot chocolate sauce."

Carenza, 14, Warrington, England

"I would cook a nice warm roast with a lovely cool frozen yogurt, covered in an assortment of fruits! yummmmmmmmmmmmm."

Sana, 12, London, England

"Tomato soup to start, then for the main course , Hog Roast with gravy, roast vegetables and potatoes. Pudding would be a chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and strawberries."

Isaac, 8, Leicester, England

"I'd cook the Queen asparagus wrapped in Serrano ham for a starter, seafood paella for a main, and crema di limon for dessert. I love Spanish food and can cook it really well!"

Rose, 14, Birmingham, England

"I would make salmon in a butter and lemon sauce served with tagliatelle."

Bob, 10, Northumberland, England

"For starter I would serve little sticks of carrot, pepper and cucumber, with dips, followed by puff pastry parcels with fillings. For desert, I would make apple pancakes (homemade small thick pancakes, with really thin slices of apple in the middle) with vanilla ice-cream and strawberries!"

Ellie, 12, London, England

"For starter we voted to make a Crab salad with garlic bread, followed by fillet steak with a peppercorn sauce, salad and French fries. For pudding we would serve Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake with vanilla ice cream!"

P3-4 Langlee Primary School, Galashiels, Scotland

"Starter: Tomato Soup with bread; Main course: Venison with roast potatoes and red cabbage, and a medley of vegetables; Desert: Sticky Toffee Pudding and custard."

Classes 9-8, Emerson Park Academy, London, England

"I would cook Cumberland sausages with carrots and creamy mash for main, and Sticky Toffee Pudding for the dessert!"

Sarah, 11, Cumbria, England

"I would cook some carrot soup for starter, Yorkshire pudding for main course, and Victorian sponge cake for a nice finish."

Anna, 12, Lancaster, England

"I'd probably cook a chicken pie for main, and a really light and puffy Victoria Sponge for desert. For starter I'd cook something simple, but present it really nicely."

Elena, 13, La Hulpe, Belgium

"I would totally cook bacon, eggs, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, sausages, mushrooms, hash browns and fried ham. Yum yum!"

Catharynn, 11, London, England

"We would cook chicken soup, followed by poached salmon with broccoli and baby carrots. For dessert we would make angel delight with blueberries."

ACE group Alfriston Special School, Buckinghamshire, England

"To start with I would make prawns with salad, main course would be lamb roast dinner, and for dessert I would make cheesecake, with cherries on top!"

Olivia, 10, Derbyshire, England

"Starter: Tomato soup; Main: Roast rack of lamb with seasonal selection of vegetables; Dessert: iced passion fruit soufflé."

Kallan, 10, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England

"Chicken soup with onion, some vegetables and lovely fresh orange juice!"

Tatum, 12, Somerset, England

"Starter: Chicken and sweet corn soup; Main Course: Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, or Ebba; Dessert: Melted ice-cream on chocolate cake."

Tega, 9, Essex, England

"Starter: Leek and potato soup; Main: Lamb casserole; Dessert: Lemon cheese cake."

Daniel, 9, London, England

"We would like to cook the Queen the following: Crab salad for starter, with the crab from Norfolk, roast dinner for main, with local potatoes, and carrot cake for pudding. Yum yum!"

Class 11, Aged 9-11, Stukeley Meadows Primary School, Cambridgeshire, England

"I would cook her noodles for starter, gammon and pineapple for her main, and spotted dick for pudding."

Jason, 12, Derby, England

"For the Queen, I would cook a starter of king prawns and rocket, topped with Mae's dressing, and poached egg. For the main course I would cook fillet steak with cook in the bag coloured carrots and sweet potato, and for dessert, chocolate pudding with fresh berries. A meal fit for a Queen."

Mae, 8, Surrey, England

"For starter i would cook a prawn cocktail, main course would be chicken in white wine sauce, with veg, and for pudding i would make chocolate fondant. Drinks would include champagne and sherry."

Hannah, 12, York, England

"I would cook a locally caught sea food platter for starters. For mains I would cook a trio of game with blackcurrant conserve reduction. And for pudding, I would cook apple and pear turn over with crème anglaise. Then she would have a cheese board with a glass of port to round things off!"

Megan, 12, Sheffield, England

"I would cook a camembert with salad and a balsamic glaze for starters. For main I would do a locally produced beef steak with mash potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and vegetables. Then for dessert Belgian chocolate orange cheesecake with a hint of ginger. Served with a glass of locally produced ale."

Tamzin, 11, Sheffield, England

"For the starter I would cook the Queen my Dad's secret lentil soup! For the main course I would cook my gran's beef welington and for dessert I'd cook chocolate fondant (you know... the one with melted chocolate inside!) with ice cream on the side!"

Colette, 11, Scotland

"Macaroni and cheese. If she doesn't like it, she can have bread!"

Meghan, 12, Berkshire, England

"I'd cook the Queen an amazing beef steak!"

Harry, 10, Derby, England

"Tomato soup with brown bread, chicken chow mein with carrots and broccoli, chocolate cake with chocolate custard and white wine!"

Kingsbury Green Primary School Class 3D, 7-8, London, England

"We have decided on a menu we would like to cook for the Queen. As a starter we'd cook fresh vegetable soup with wheaten soda bread (using locally grown vegetables). As a main course... Sunday roast with all the trimmings (we would use Northern Irish beef as it's the best in the country!). And as a dessert, we would whip up a vanilla cheesecake with fresh British strawberry sauce!"

8H form class, 11-12, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"We would select rabbit, as it represents the English countryside. Trifle, which contains cream from Cornwall and fruit from English farms. A celebration of the United Kingdom's produce!"

The Warriner school D-CKE tutor group, 11-16, Oxfordshire, England

"I'd cook the Queen a full English breakfast!"

Freddy, 10, Suffolk, England

"I would cook the Queen vegetable soup for the starter. For the second course, I would cook her steak fillets with noodles and pasta and then for desert I'd do a nice chocolate fudge cake sprinkled with sugar!"

Brogan, 10, Dunfermline, Scotland

"A nice vegetable soup for starter, a beef casserole with carrots and soft mash for main and a creamy caramel cheese cake with a side of caramel sauce for dessert!"

Libbie, 12, England

"Roast Hertfordshire beef with vegetables grown locally in Worcestershire, with a gravy made with Worcestershire sauce."

Kieron, 10, Worcestershire, England

"For a starter I would cook barbecue veg on sticks, followed by chicken and lettuce for the main!"

Shana, 9, Bedfordshire, England