Plans to limit money received by families on benefit

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The government's facing a battle as it wants to cut the amount of money that Britain spends on benefits.

Benefits are money that people can get if they don't have a job, or are ill or disabled, so they can afford to live.

But the government says some people who are out of work get more money in benefits than people who do work.

The government plans to limit the total amount you can get on benefits to £500 a week - the same amount of money an average working family would make.

Why do things need to change?

A lot of people believe the current system isn't fair, because some people can earn more money from not working and staying at home claiming benefits than they could by getting a job.

They government says that's unfair on the people who do work and pay taxes.

Benefits are paid by the government, but they say the country can't afford to keep paying the amount they do, and something needs to be done.

Last year the government spent more money on benefits than they did on anything else.

Not everyone agrees

Some people aren't happy with the government's plans as they think families with lots of children could struggle.

Children's charities argue that if families have less money, more children may find themselves in poverty or needing to move house.

They want any limit on benefits to have as little impact on kids as possible.

The House of Lords is holding a debate today and discussing whether the changes would work - and the Lords may decide not to let the changes happen.

If the government's plans do go ahead, the new limits will come into force in 2013.