Schoolgirl takes skydiving test as part of her GCSEs

Last updated at 13:03
Sian Spence indoor skydivingOther

A schoolgirl from Wales has taken a skydiving test as part of her GCSEs.

Sian, who's 15 and goes to school in Aberystwyth, passed the indoor skydiving exam as part of her physical education course.

It's believed Sian is the first person ever in the UK to take the exam as part of her GCSEs.

She needed special permission from her teachers before she was allowed to take it. Sian passed her exam with 'flying' colours, achieving a mark of 93%!

Indoor skydiving allows people to experience freefall without having to leap out of an aircraft with a parachute.

Sian says she "loves the feeling of weightlessness".

Both of Sian's parents are skydivers and her 83-year-old grandmother performed an indoor sky dive for her 80th birthday.

There are only three skydiving tunnels in the UK, at Manchester, Milton Keynes and Bedford.