Capsized cruise ship crew told passengers not to worry

Last updated at 07:36
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Watch the crew of the Costa Concordia speak to passengers

A video has come out showing the crew of the capsized cruise liner, Costa Concordia, telling passengers that nothing's wrong.

The ship ran aground on rocks just off the Italian island of Giglio almost a week ago.

Francesco Schettino who is accused of causing the crash is currently under house arrest.

Captain Schettino is said to have abandoned the ship while passengers were still stuck on board.

The footage shows a crew member talking to a big group of passengers who are standing with their life jackets on.

The crew member says "everything is under control" and a generator problem will be fixed - even though the ship was taking on water at the time.

She goes on to ask the passengers to go to their cabins, just minutes before the ship began to sink.

The vessel ran aground with some 4,200 people on board and capsized. At least 11 people died.

It is thought the delay in to abandon the ship may have cost lives.

Twenty-one people are still missing, and hopes to find them alive are fading fast.