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Pictures: Republic Day Preparations in India

Republic Day Parade Rehearsals in India
Even the animals get dressed up for the occasion. Careful preparation is carried out days before the parade to make sure every detail is taken care of.
Camel dressed up in parade
On the 26th of January, India holds a public holiday called Republic Day. Parades and celebrations are held throughout the country to mark the day India became independent and free from British rule.
Soldiers and camels in procession
The President also hands out bravery awards to various people from the armed forces and public.
Soldiers dancing
India was ruled by Britain for around 100 years, but in 1947 power was handed back to the country. But it wasn't until three years later in 1950 when India cut all ties with Britain. This picture shows soldiers rehearsing for the parade that will take place in New Delhi on the 26th.
Soldiers practising drills.
Celebrations in the capital, New Delhi are some of the biggest in the country. The Army, Navy and Royal Air Force all take part in the parade dressed in their uniforms.
Soldiers parading through the streets
It also meant the country got a new President and took over from the King as head of state. Here, soldiers are dancing in the rehearsals.
Soldiers dancing
On that day in 1950, a public holiday was declared and the new flag of India was raised. People celebrated by holding ceremonies and processions.
Soldiers practising for parade
The celebrations in New Delhi are shown on television to people all around the country.
Soldier speaking to camel
The celebrations start by remembering those who lost their lives in the battle for independence. These female soldiers are practising their march before the parade.
Female soldiers practising march in New Delhi