Salvage workers to start drilling on sunken ship

Last updated at 17:47
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Could the ship's captain have done more help people?

The search of the Costa Concordia has had to be put on hold, after the ship slipped. People are now worried it may slip further into deeper water.

Rescuers have been through almost all of the ship above the water line and experts believe there is little risk of a fuel leak.

Eleven people are known to have died and 23 people are still missing.

The captain of the ship, Francesco Schettino who is accused of causing the crash, is under house arrest.

Fuel salvage

Salvage workers hope to begin removing fuel from the capsized cruise ship Costa Concordia once it's safe to do so.

A special team will start drilling through the ship towards the 17 tanks that hold more than 2,300 tonnes of fuel.

Once they reach the tanks they will attempt to syphon off the fuel and get it to a safer place - but this could take several weeks.

Captain Schettino, who is being held responsible for the crash, is said to have abandoned the ship while passengers were still stranded on board.

A recording of a call between him and a port official after the crash seems to support this, but the captain denies he did anything wrong.

The ship, carrying 4,300 passengers and crew, was on the first night of a cruise when it ran aground in calm conditions last Friday.