Charity rowers finally get drinking water

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Leah spoke to the stranded rowers as they waited for fresh water

Six British soldiers stranded in the Atlantic have finally received drinking water.

The soldiers are rowing 3,000 miles for charity and had been waiting for supplies since the start of the year.

They'd been drinking emergency rations after their desalinator - which turns seawater into drinking water - broke down.

The crew, four of whom lost limbs at war are hoping to raise £1 million to help wounded soldiers.

The crew were re-supplied with fresh water from a boat called the Aurora and they all celebrated with some chocolate!

It's not all good news though as the lads now have a problem with their rudder - which is used to steer the boat - after it was damaged by the waves as they waited for supplies.

Photo of one of the team trying to fix the broken desalinatorOther
Photo of one of the team trying to fix the broken desalinator

The six-man team started their challenge in the Canary Islands and are hoping to get all the way to Barbados - a total journey of 3,000 miles.

When their desalinator broke the team rationed themselves to just a litre and a half of water each, per day.