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Pictures: World's weirdest, most endangered creatures

Check out some of the world's weirdest and most endangered creatures in our bizarre photo gallery.
The Edge of Existence programme was launched by the Zoological Society of London in 2007. Here, they've found a Chinese giant salamander. It's the world's largest living amphibian and can be found in shallow streams and mountains.
Chinese giant salamander
All of the creatures they've been looking for are in danger of becoming extinct. This is called Darwin's frog because it was discovered by the naturalist Charles Darwin in South America. They're not just strange-looking; they're also really clever - when they feel threatened they disguise themselves by rolling over so they look like a leaf.
Darwin's frog
The critically-endangered Hirola is part of the antelope species and can be found on the borders of Kenya and Somalia in Africa. The number of Hirola have gone down over the years because of poaching and drought. Scientists think there's only around 600 left.
The Montane slender loris lives in rainforests in India and Sri Lanka. They have thin arms and legs and huge eyes that help them to see in the dark. They're in danger because the forests they live in are being destroyed.
Montane slender loris
This pygmy hippo in Liberia looks like a smaller version of a regular hippo. The species is at risk because of changes in their environment like trees being cut down and land developments which means they don't have as much space to live in.
Pygmy hippo
The pygmy sloth can be found in Panama in Central America and like pygmy hippos, are at risk because of changes in their environment. They were only discovered as a species in 2001 but there's thought to be less than 1,000 of them left.
Pygmy sloth
Scientists from the Zoological Society of London have been searching for the world's most rare and endangered creatures for five years. This is a Yangtze River Dolphin in China. It was last seen in 2007 and scientists have now declared it functionally extinct, which means even if there's any left, they're probably not healthy enough to breed.
Yangtze River dolphin
This very strange-looking species of frog was only discovered in 2003 in India. The purple frog lives underground for most of the year and only come out to breed during the monsoon. They're at risk because the forest around them is being used for plantations like growing ginger and coffee.
Purple frog
The olm is an amazing vertebrate that lives underwater. They can go without food for 10 years and often live for over 50 years. You can find them in European countries like Slovenia and Croatia, although their number is going down because of pollution.