Landslide means it's trains and ferries to school

Last updated at 06:57
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What do you do when a landslide dumps 100 tonnes of rock onto the road to your school?

You might think to stay at home, but that wasn't an option for a group of kids from Lochcarron in the Scottish Highlands.

They're having to switch methods of transport and it's even changing the length of their school day.

The rock fell onto the road just before Christmas making it unsafe.

Normally the kids would get the bus, but with the road out of action, that would now mean an 140-mile detour every morning and home again at night.

Instead they're getting the train. Sounds simple but the first train doesn't arrive until after 11am and it doesn't leave again until 5pm.

Next week the journey should get a bit quicker. The council is hiring a ferry to make sure pupils get to class on time.