Stranded British soldiers wait for help in Atlantic

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Watch Leah speak to stranded rower in the atlantic

The race is on to get help to a group of British soldiers who are stranded, trying to row across the Atlantic Ocean.

The six-man team - four of whom lost limbs at war in Iraq and Afghanistan - have suffered a major setback.

Their desalinator - that turns seawater into drinking water - has broken, as well as their hand pump, meaning they can't make fresh water at all.

Photo of one of the team trying to fix the broken desalinatorOther
Photo of one of the team trying to fix the broken desalinator

The team are trying to raise £1 million to help wounded soldiers.

They started their challenge in the Canary Islands and are currently 518 miles away from their destination in Barbados - a total journey of 3,000 miles.

The team have rationed themselves to just a litre and a half of water each, per day.

They are waiting for help from support vessel the Aurora, which hould hopefully be with them soon since the team decided to drop their anchor and wait for help.