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Pictures: Infrared telescopes find 'star factories'

Infrared telescopes have been used to get these amazing pics of star-forming areas in space.
Special infrared telescopes - that can "see" beyond light that we can see - have given these amazing pictures of what happens when stars are forming.
Part of the Milky Way
These images help astronomers learn more about how stars are made and gives them clues about how our Sun was formed too.
Part of the Milky Way
When the telescope took a look at this star-forming region in our galaxy - called Cygnus X - it found 28,000 new young stars!
Region in our galaxy called Cygnus X
At the centre of this photo is a huge star that's surrounded by gas. And as the gas expands it triggers the formation of smaller stars too.
Close-up of Cygnus
This shows the raw material for stars, containing gas and dust. It combines until massive enough to form a star.
Gas and dust that come together to form stars
And the area pictured here is called the Large Magellanic Clouds - the snaps have helped astronomers learn more about where and how fast stars are formed in this region.
Large Magellanic Cloud