Animals 'make friends' just like us, scientist finds

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Two dolphins swimmingAP

A scientist in Scotland has discovered that animals operate in groups of friends, just like humans.

Dr David Lusseau from the University of Aberdeen has spent ten years studying the behaviour of animals.

He says that just as humans use online networks like Facebook and Twitter, animals get together in groups to share information.

And who knows, perhaps just like us, they sometimes gossip about each other too!

Dr Lusseau studied animals such as dolphins, whales, monkeys and horses.

So when your teacher says "get into groups!", there are some animals doing the same thing.

Group of monkeysPA
The scientists discovered that animals are good at making friends

Once they are in groups, the animals share information such as where to find food, and how to win a fight with bigger animals.

Meanwhile other researchers have found out that monkeys take more notice of their friends than their family.

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth studied the way monkeys stare at each other.

They discovered the monkeys were more interested in staring at their friends than their relatives.

They're wondering if it's the same for humans!