Watch Ricky's report on Scottish Independence

A decision on whether Scotland should become an independent country could be made as early as summer 2013.

The Scots people have been promised the chance to vote on the issue but the UK government has to allow the vote.

A meeting was held today to discuss what question voters should be asked and when.

The elected party in Scotland, the Scottish National Party, wants independence from the UK and complete control over the way the country's run.

But the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, doesn't want this to happen, saying he believes that Scotland should remain part of the United Kingdom.

He's been accused of interfering, after he asked for a vote on Scottish independence to be held within the next 18 months, or not at all.

In 1999, the Scottish Parliament was created to give more power to the people in Scotland this was part of a process called devolution.

Last year, when the Scottish National Party won the election in Scotland, they promised to let people decide for themselves whether to stay part of the UK or go it alone.

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