Helen Skelton's South Pole trek should start Wednesday

Last updated at 16:18
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Ore chats to Helen before she set off

Storms and bad weather have delayed it, but Helen Skelton has set off on her South Pole mission.

The Blue Peter star is going to try and travel the 500-mile journey to raise money for Sport Relief.

She hopes to use skis, a kite and a bicycle to make the trip across Antarctica, battling freezing temperatures and icy winds as she goes.

The delay means she'll now only have 20 days to make the journey, instead of the planned 24.

It means she might not be able to use her special snow bike - because it's actually much slower than skis.

Helen and the team arrived in Antarctica on 23 December and spent Christmas Day and New Year in the icy conditions, preparing for the ordeal.

She said: "There is nowhere like this on the planet. It feels like we have landed on the moon."

The fearless presenter got some nasty blisters on her feet as she's been practising, waiting to set off.

Helen's charity adventures

Helen's no stranger to performing amazing feats for charity.

In 2011, she walked across a tightrope suspended between the famous chimneys of Battersea Power Station for Red Nose Day.

In 2010, she became the first solo woman to kayak the 2,000 mile length of the Amazon river, also for Sport Relief.