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Pictures: New pictures before and after Japan's tsunami

Google's Street View shows the effects of Japan's tsunami, allowing people to see how towns looked before and after the disaster.
More than 15,000 people died in the disaster - almost 5,000 more are still missing.
A building in Japan
Across the north-east coast of the country, thousands of buildings were completely destroyed.
A building in Japan after the tsunami
Google say the before and after pictures show how "truly life-changing this tragedy has been for those who live there".
Tunnels for growing plants
This image show the devastation the tsunami has had on farms in Japan
Flood-hit farming area in Japan
Google has gone back to tsunami-hit Japan to update its Street View images, giving a glimpse of life before and after the disaster. These pairs of photos are all taken from the same spot.
A street lined with trees
Buildings and farmland have been ripped apart by the devastating wave which followed the earthquake in March.
An area of land flattened by the Japanese tsunami
The Street View car covered 27,340 miles across the affected areas.
Farm buildings
The pictures allow viewers to learn more about the tragic events.
Flattened farmland
Google say you should start your tour inland before going out to the coast to see how the damage spread.
Two buildings, pre-tsunami
Buildings in the towns and cities hit were barely recognisable.
Two ruined buildings