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Pictures: Elizabeth Taylor's gems are auctioned for millions

Jewellry belonging to Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor is sold for millions at an auction in America.
This bit of bling was one of the most famous pieces on offer. It sold for three times the estimated price, going for a whopping £5.5 million! Despite spending so much money on it, the new owner won't even wear the gem - it will become part of an exhibition.
Diamond ring
The auction has raised £74 million. It's smashed the record set by a sale held over twenty years ago when the Duchess of Windsor's jewels were sold for less than half that. This tiara was one of Elizabeth Taylor's favourites and is definitely fit for a Queen!
Her collection of multi-million dollar gems became known as the "Crown Jewels of Hollywood". Check out this very glam diamond and emerald necklace!
This necklace was sold for just over £7 million! The massive pearl has an amazing history. It was once worn by Queen Mary I - it was given to her as an engagement present in 1554!
Pearl necklace
Elizabeth Taylor was always wearing expensive jewels and even went swimming in some of them! She got this ruby and diamond ring in her stocking one Christmas!
Ruby ring
Dame Elizabeth Taylor was a world famous Hollywood actress in the 1950s and 1960s. As well her starring roles, she's remembered for her jewellery collection which rivalled that of royalty. Her collection of bling was sold this week at a record breaking auction.
Elizabeth Taylor