Helen Skelton heads to south pole for Sport Relief

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Helen reveals why she agreed to the challenge

Blue Peter's Helen Skelton is not one to turn down a challenge for Sport Relief and this year is no different.

She's about to attempt to get to the south pole using skis, kites and even a bike to get there.

The plan is to travel 500 miles across Antarctica, battling icy winds and temperatures that can plummet to as low as -50C.

She'll be pulling her own sledge, containing all the food and equipment she'll need for her journey.

Helen's no stranger to performing amazing feats for charity.

Earlier this year, she walked across a tightrope suspended between the famous chimneys of Battersea Power Station for Red Nose Day.

In 2010, she became the first solo woman to kayak the 2,000 mile length of the Amazon river, also for Sport Relief.

Helen's journey to the Pole will begin on 1 January and will be shown on Blue Peter in the new year.