Battery cages for hens will be banned from next year

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Over 30 million eggs are eaten every day in Britain and more than half of those come from hens that live in cages.

A lot of those cages aren't much bigger than an A4 piece of paper.

These "battery" cages will be banned in Britain and the rest of the European Union in January.

Under the new rules, they'll still be allowed to live in cages but they will have a more space to move around and perch.

At the moment, chickens can be packed into cages with very little space to move around. They often can't flap their wings and have nowhere to nest or perch.

Some eggs are "free range" which means they're from birds that can roam around freely but eggs like these are more expensive.

Some farmers say they'll need to be protected from cheaper eggs being brought in from abroad when the ban comes in. Meanwhile, animal rights groups say they'll continue to fight for a total ban on cages.