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Pictures: Giant Pandas settling in at Edinburgh Zoo after a long trip

Tian Tian and Yang Guang the giant pandas have arrived at their new home at Edinburgh Zoo and are settling in.
This is what all the hard work is for... Keepers at Edinburgh Zoo are hoping the two new pandas will mate and have cubs of their own in the future. They're the first pair of pandas that have come to the UK for 17 years.
Baby Panda on a log
Tian Tian, meaning 'Sweetie', is eight-years-old, and lived at a breeding centre in China with Yang Guang (meaning 'Sunshine') before she came to Edinburgh. She loves relaxing and eating bamboo - which is lucky as Edinburgh Zoo will now be growing their own to help feed them.
Panda lying down eating bamboo
Here's Yang Guang having some bamboo at the airport just before departure. The pandas also ate apples, carrots and a special 'panda cake' for their in-flight meals.
Giant panda in his flight container
Yang Guang and Tian Tian are now getting used ot their new home and will spend two weeks settling into their enclosures before going on public display. They'll live in separate areas just like they do in the wild and just come together to breed.
Giant panda
Special delivery! The pandas had their very own plane for the 11-hour flight, complete with a panda on the front, so everyone knew what precious cargo they had on board.
Plane coming in to land
Here's Yang Guang in his travel crate at Edinburgh airport waiting to go to his new home. The pandas were a little bit jet-lagged due to the time difference after travelling more than 5,000 miles across the world.
Panda in a travel crate
Here we are at the breeding centre in southwest China - workers carry one of the pandas to a crate before heading to the airport to start their UK adventure.
Panda being carried in a crate