Chat: Did Jeremy Clarkson go too far on The One Show?

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Watch what Jeremy Clarkson said on The One Show

The BBC's had loads of complaints - over 21,000 in less than two days - after Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson said on The One Show that the striking workers on Wednesday should be shot.

Loads of people were really offended when he said of the strikers: "I would take them outside and execute them in front of their families."

You can watch the clip above and see what you think.

He's apologised, saying he didn't mean for his remarks to be taken seriously.

What do you think about what he said? Did he go too far?

Is it ever okay to be offensive if you're joking?

Thanks to those of you who took the time to tell us what you think - you can read some of your thoughts below...

Your comments:

"Jeremy Clarkson didn't go too far because it was only a joke. People take things way too seriously."

Molly, 12, Sussex, England

"To be honest I think it's terrible. Jeremy has made some inappropriate comments about others before, but he hasn't learnt. I think what he said was cruel and brutal."

Jake, 12, Sheffield, England

"I think people need to get a sense of humour. Is Jeremy going to shoot them? No he isn't. Is Jeremy going to execute them in front of their families? No. It was just a joke and nothing more."

Ellie, 12, Oxfordshire, England

"I think everyone should just chill out. Jeremy Clarkson is always saying things like this and he didn't mean it. He was joking! We all need to learn how to have a laugh every so often!"

Lauren, 13, Norfolk, England

"Clarkson has gone over the edge completely. Maybe he should go to work like everyone else instead of being paid to be seen on TV!"

Bella, 11, Birmingham, England

"Jeremy Clarkson shouldn't have said what he did, but people should know by now what he is like from Top Gear. He was only joking and people shouldn't have taken it so seriously!"

Lucy, 13, Derbyshire, England

"I think he has gone a bit too far, but I don't think he meant it because he always jokes around, just like in Top Gear."

Suraya, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"Yes Jeremy was a bit offensive to people on strike but he definitely doesn't deserve to be sacked!"

Jordan, 14, Wakefield, England

"I think what Jeremy said is despicable! He thinks just because he's famous he can get away with anything. People are protesting for their pension while he is making smug remarks like that! Just because he said sorry people are letting him get away with it."

Michael, 13, Newcastle, England

"My dad is a teacher and he works very hard. What Mr Clarkson said was very wrong, even as a joke he should not have said such an awful thing. The BBC should sack Jeremy Clarkson for what he has done. He is a grown man but you wouldn't think it!"

Aphra, 9, Cheshire, England

"I think what he said was very arrogant. The strikers were striking with good intention. I used to enjoy watching him in his different shows but, to hear him say that, it's completely changed my mind about him."

Tom, 12, Hampshire, England

"I think he did go too far. My mum is a teacher and her pension has been cut in half. You can't just be rude and obnoxious because you're famous."

Bertie, 12, Oxfordshire, England

"I think he has gone way too far. The strikers only want a good pension."

Ryan, 13, Leeds, England

"No he hasn't gone too far at all. I think he meant it as a joke and that's as far as it should go."

Patrick, 11, Essex, England

"It's really easy for Jeremy to say what he did in his line of work. But my dad will be effected by the cuts, and we all need and deserve pensions."

Savva, 12, Brighton, England

"Yes it was really rude and he did not think about people's feelings."

Amy, 7, Leicester, England

"Jeremy didn't go too far. Some people just can't take a joke. If you see the whole conversation then you can see that it was obviously a joke."

Jack, 12, London, England

"This is an outrage! This time, Clarkson has gone too far! He has upset the people of Britain too much, he should be fired from the BBC with immediate effect."

Ewan, 13, Yorkshire, England

"We know that Jeremy loves to joke about. Many people may find it offensive. I think it was a joke that went wrong. I'm very sure that he did not mean any offence by it."

Sebastian, 12, London, England

"I think it's a horrible thing he said. He doesn't have to worry about a pension, he gets paid bags and bags of money!"

Olivia, 12, Macclesfield, England

"Well honestly everyone is entitled to an opinion! It was a fair point but I think he could have just 'softened' his words a little."

Flo, 12, Wiltshire, England

"It's just a joke. People who do take it seriously just need to calm down - they're overreacting."

Luke, 13, Addlestone, England

"I think it's a silly idea and he should never have said that."

Naishadh, 11, Cardiff, Wales

"They all knew Jeremy Clarkson was going to say something outrageous. This is the way he is, he always says controversial things no matter what programme he is on."

Sarah, 11, Wiltshire, England

"Why do people take stuff so seriously? I think it was pretty funny."

Christopher, 11, Glasgow, Scotland

"He went too far and was just plain mean. They had a good reason to protest and strike because when they're older they'll be poorer, which is VERY unfair."

Louise, 12, Ireland

"I'm in the middle. Lots of people were on strike so he's offending lots of people. But also if he made out that it was a joke people shouldn't take it that seriously."

Aya, 11, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

"No he hasn't [gone too far]. My mum was on strike but we know he just meant it as a joke. He always says things like this and I can't believe it's in the news."

Josh, 9, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"Jeremy Clarkson has gone too far! The protesters have a reason to protest and they want to do something to change everyone's rights."

Asma, 11, London, England