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Pictures: Amazing rescue of hawk trapped in car grille

Check out these amazing pics as a lucky hawk is rescued after getting trapped inside a car's radiator grille.
It's not the first time these mechanics have seen birds trapped like this. But this hawk is one of the biggest they've seen and it's the only one to survive this kind of accident.
Hawk rescuers
Understandably the hawk was a little shocked after being rescued! It was too stunned to be able to fly off so was taken to the vets to recover.
Hawk after being rescued
The driver carefully drove to a nearby garage for help and was amazed to find that the lucky bird was still alive!
hawk being rescued
The driver of this car in America got quite a shock when he collided with a hawk! He was going at about 60mph at the time and the hawk got stuck in the grille at the front of the car.
Hawk stuck in car grille
The lucky hawk has now completely recovered and has been released back into the wild. Hopefully it's learnt its lesson and next time will steer clear of cars!
Hawk after being rescued
The mechanics had to work very carefully to free the hawk and make sure they didn't injure it any more.
hawk being rescued