Squid-like bendy robot built to squeeze under obstacles

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Watch the squishy robot that can squeeze itself out of a tight spot!

Meet the bendy little robot that's got moves like Jagger - well, almost!

This squishy robot has been designed by a team of US scientists that wanted to make a robot that can crawl, squeeze under obstacles, and make waves.

They were inspired by squid and starfish - animals that don't have hard skeletons.

The creation was built using flexible materials called "elastomers". Small chambers inside it are inflated with air to make the robot move.

In tests, the robot managed to squeeze into a gap just 2cm high!

The robot's bendiness means it can deal better with falls and bumps, compared to robots built using harder materials like metal.

But the soft skin means it can easily get punctured.

Footage courtesy of George Whitesides from Harvard University