Tributes paid to Wales manager Gary Speed

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The world of football is paying its respects to legendary footballer Gary Speed.

The Wales manager died unexpectedly over the weekend at the age of 42.

Gary became the Welsh manager in December 2010 and the national side recently beat Norway 4-1 - a third win in a row for his team.

He was a great player and during his career he won 85 caps for Wales, a record for an outfield player.

Gary played for loads of clubs including Everton, Bolton and Newcastle and lots of fans and players have been paying tribute to him.

Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs, who played with Speed with Wales for 13 years, said he was "totally devastated" and the Prime Minister, David Cameron said his thoughts were with Gary's family.

We asked you for your memories of Gary Speed - and a selection of your comments are below.


"I feel like we will never win again. You were the best boss ever."

Jack, 9, Newport, South Wales

"Gary Speed we miss you, R.I.P."

April, 12, London, England

"Gary was a great man, Wales were lucky to have him as their manager."

Ella, 10, London, England

"He was a great man. He will never be forgotten. R.I.P. Speed."

Libby, 9, Stockport, England

"Gary Speed has had a long and great career. He will be truly missed in the football world. R.I.P. Gary."

Thomas, Leicestershire, 11, England

"R.I.P. Gary. We are all devastated but we should celebrate his wonderful life!"

Olivia, 10, Sheffield, England

"I remember when Gary played and managed Sheffield United, my favourite team. He is a true legend and will be missed by all. R.I.P. Gary Speed."

Dan, 8, West Yorkshire, England

"He had a bright career and future ahead of him. Despite his loss we're all so proud of him. R.I.P. Gary Speed."

Eli, 14, Bridgend, Wales

"I support Newcastle, he was a legend and will always be missed."

Josh, 10, Nottingham, England

"He was a good person and our thoughts go out to his family."

Hayden, 9, England

"Gary was one of the best footballers ever. My family will miss him very much."

Lauren, 8, Glasgow, Scotland

"We will always remember Gary Speed as a great man and a great manager. R.I.P. Gary Speed."

Byron, 9, England

"Gary Speed was a legend! He did his best to help Wales improve. He will be missed by everyone. R.I.P."

Harrison, 10, Staffordshire, England

"R.I.P. Gary Speed. You were a great player and a great manager. You will be missed by all."

Niamh, 12, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"Gary Speed, 'the one, the only', how could we lose him! His career had just started and he had more to give. R.I.P. Gary Speed. You will be missed!"

Hamza, 13, Bradford, England

"He was a great man and one of my favourite players. He had just started getting Wales on form, what a legend. Why, why?"

Kieran, 10, South Wales

"It is a sad loss, Speed was the best."

William, 10, North Yorkshire, England

"I will miss Gary, he was great. R.I.P."

Isabel, 10, Birmingham, England

"Gary was an inspiration to every young footballer, he was an amazing footballer and a great manager. He will never be forgotten. R.I.P. Speedo."

Joe, 13, South Shields, England

"It's so sad that Gary is gone but he will live on in our memories. R.I.P. Gary."

Caitlin, 9, London, England

"Such a great player and the best manager that Wales has ever had, R.I.P."

Callum, 11, Castleford, England

"I am really upset that Gary has died, he was a big part of the Welsh football team."

Atifa, 10, Manchester, England

"I remember going to the Bolton matches and watching him play, he was a great footballer and will be missed. R.I.P. Gary."

Ella, 13, Bolton, England

"He was a legend, he will be missed by many fans."

Callum, 10, Watford, England

"Gary Speed will be greatly missed. He was an amazing person who achieved loads in his life. R.I.P. Gary."

Matty, 11, Shefield, England

"Gary Speed is a legend. He has been outstanding for Wales and will be missed very much."

Lilli, 11, South Wales

"Gary Speed was a mark in football history. He was a big part of my life when he was at Sheffield United. He will be missed greatly, R.I.P."

Matty, 11, Shefield, England

"R.I.P. Gary, to live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."

Mary, 12, London, England

"Gary seemed like a lovely guy and I am so sorry to hear of his death. R.I.P. Gary."

Amy, 10, Hampshire, England

"I love Gary speed he was a great manager R.I.P."

Iroxy, 12, Cardiff, Wales

"He was a good player, a kind person and a really good Manager for Wales. We will miss him. His family, friends and team mates will never forget him."

Year 5 Waunceirch Primary School, West Glamorgan, Wales

"He was the one of the best players known to football. It's very sad for a young person to have died, Gary Speed will be missed!"

Maxim, 11, Suffolk, England

"Gary Speed - what a legend. He was a great player and Wales were lucky to have him as their manager. He will be dearly missed by everyone. R.I.P. Gary."

Cameron, 14, Hampshire, England

"It's so sad that Gary has died. He was such a lovely man and he tried his best with the Welsh football team."

Lewis, 14, Hampshire, England

"I thought Gary Speed was really nice and he will be missed by lots of people."

Annabel, 11, Hampshire, England

"Gary Speed was a legend. He'll be remembered."

Bryan, 11, Derby, England

"It's sad to see such a great manager/player go. R.I.P."

Leah, 12, Scotland

"Gary was a great footballer. He was strong and will live on in everyone's memories."

Emily, 11, Kent, England

"He had a glittering career and still had a lot to live for."

Esa, 10, Gloucestershire, England

"I thought he was a very good coach and I will miss him lots."

Daisy, 7, Worcestershire, England

"It's horrible that Wales have lost such a great manager and ex-player. Gary Speed you were the best."

Albert, 13, Norfolk, England

"I am so sad Gary Speed has died."

Sarah, 11, Dover, England

"Gary Speed was just getting back on form with the Welsh team. It was so sad to hear that he died so young."

Luke, 10, London, England

"He was one of the best players known to football and he will be missed dearly by Bolton and Everton fans."

William, 14, Manchester, England

"Gary Speed was a great manager and he made Wales a better team, so he should be proud of doing that. R.I.P. Gary Speed."

Josh, 10, Ipswich, England