Press Pack: Helping Afghan kids go to school

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Lots and lots of children in Afghanistan don't get the chance to go to school because the country is at war.

But now charities here in the UK are working hard to change that and they're getting schools involved.

150 schoolkids from Britain and Europe recently travelled to London for a debate to raise awareness about the state of education in Afghanistan.

Press packers Nina and Joe went along and handed over a letter to the minister for international development.

The letter asked the minister to help more children in Afghanistan get an education.

It's not just the conflict in the country that's stopped kids going to school. The Taliban, who ruled the country from 1996 to 2001, refused to let girls have an education.

After the Taliban lost power, girls started going to school - but loads of Afghan children still don't get to learn how to read or write.

Nina and Joe are hoping to change that.