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Pictures: Secret snaps of animals in the wild

Amazing pictures from the Camera-trap Photo of the Year competition.
The photographers in the competition used camera-traps: special cameras that blend in with the surroundings so they don't disturb the local wildlife.
Flight of the red-billed Quelea
Animals like these brown bears could be very dangerous if you got this close to them, but they don't even seem to notice this hidden camera.
Brown Bears
These sort of pictures not only look great but can teach us a lot about animal behaviour. It looks like this baby warthog is having a hard time!
Kudu and Warthog
All of these photos can give us, and scientists, a great insight into how animals really interact in the wild. You can see more amazing pictures like this in the December issue of the BBC Wildlife Magazine.
male and female panther
Getting photos of animals in the wild can be very difficult - but check out this amazing picture of a very brave jackal confronting a lion! It's the winner of the BBC Wildlife Magazine Camera-trap Photo of the Year competition.
Jackal vs.. Lion
This cheeky monkey seems to like the camera! Part of getting a good photo is about getting the right location, this photographer managed to find the hiding spot for a group of curious pig-tailed macaques.
Pig-tailed macaque