Morgan the whale loses fight for freedom

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Morgan the killer whale has been hitting the headlines

Morgan the killer whale has been hitting headlines across Europe.

The little orca, or killer whale, is going to be moved from her current home in the Netherlands to a marine park in Spain.

Conservationists have been fighting to let Morgan be re-introduced into the wild off the coast of Norway.

But judges in Amsterdam decided that there was too big a risk that she wouldn't survive on her own in the wild.

Two-year-old Morgan was rescued after she was found weak and starving in the North Sea off the coast of the Netherlands last year.

In the wild orcas can live for up to 90 years, but in captivity they only live for around 20 years.

Thousands of campaigners signed an online petition to set Morgan free, but conservationists were worried that Morgan might not survive the long journey to Spain.

Judges in court decided that it was too dangerous to release her into the wild, as there was a big chance that she wouldn't be able to find her pod again and might not be able to survive on her own.

There are now less than 50 orcas kept in captivity around the world.