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Pictures: 2012 Olympic volunteer uniforms revealed!

The volunteers' uniforms for the London 2012 Olympic Games have been put on show!
Volunteers have been given a bag and also an umbrella, just in case the Great British summer sunshine doesn't hold out!
A volunteer for the London 2012 Olympics wearing their new uniform with bag and umbrella.
They've even have the famous London landmarks on the back of their collars - handy to direct any lost tourists!
Volunteers will all be given specially designed coats with London landmarks on the collar.
Technical officials, the team who will be making sure games go smoothly, have been given special blue and grey uniforms.
Two of the technical officials for the London Games show off their uniform in front of the Olympic Stadium.
Each Games Maker volunteer will be given special socks, waterproof jackets, trousers and t-shirts to wear when they are on duty - and a water bottle for if they get thirsty!
Helen, a Games Maker volunteer, models the new uniform outside the Stratford Olympic Stadium.
The volunteer's outfits have been inspired by the clothes worn during the 1948 Olympic games and the colours worn by the Grenadier Guards.
The Games Maker's and technical volunteers model their new uniforms for the London Olympics.
Over 70,000 Games Maker volunteers now know what their new uniforms will be during the London 2012 Olympics.
Two Games Maker's wearing their new uniforms.
Come next summer, these are going to be the most wanted fashion items in London...
Games Maker volunteers model their uniforms for the 2012 London Games.