Chat: What makes you feel proud to be British?

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Ricky finds out what makes Britain proud

Shakespeare has topped a list of what makes people feel proud to be British.

He beat the Queen, the Union Jack and The Beatles to the number one spot in a new survey.

So we asked you what makes YOU feel proud to be British - and you told us below!

Your Comments:

"The things that make us feel British are roast lamb, yorkshire pudding, the England football team, English accent, our blue red and white school uniform and Shakespeare!"

Class 3CL at Barton Clough School, 7-8, Manchester, England

"Britain is a wonderful place where people with different backgrounds join together."

Maeve, 12, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I am proud to be British because of all the natural beauty and the unpredictable weather!"

Ruby, 12, Britain

"The thing that makes me most proud is that our country promotes human rights and that people from other countries come to Britain for help if they have big problems in their country!"

Maheen, 12, Ascot, England

"The idea that we are diverse and have people of all different shapes, sizes and races."

Parul, 13, Surrey, England

"It has to be the traditional roast dinners and going to the seaside!"

Ellina, 12, Epsom, England

"What makes me proud to be British is that we have friendships with other countries and some of the best authors and celebrities come from here."

Ellen, 13, Newcastle, England

"The Royal Family makes me proud to be British. They are such a big part of our history and Britain wouldn't be the same without them."

Toni, 12, Essex, England

"We have a lovely countryside and a great sense of humour."

Bella, 14, London, England

"What makes me feel proud to be British is the Armed Forces and whenever we are needed we will help."

Beth, 15, Norwich, England

"A good old English breakfast and hosting the London 2012 Olympics"

Kia, 10, Cheltenham, England

"What makes me feel proud to be British is our famous landmarks like Big Ben and Stonehenge."

Georgia, 13, Cornwall, England

"What makes me feel proud to be British is the fact we have won the World Cup and produced excellent football players such as Rooney and Beckham."

Liam, 15, Gloucester, England

"I am proud to be British because England is a lovely place. We have modern busy cities, green countryside and farms. What's not to love about our country?"

Cathy, 12, Somerset, England

"I am proud to be British because we have so many important people like the Queen, the Prime Minister and so many famous people that have been discovered in Britain."

Grace, 12, Bradford, England

"Fish and chips has to be the best thing about being British!"

Sam, 15, Hertfordshire, England

"Well I like the idea of being a 'United Kingdom' and the idea of living on a huge island!"

Sophia, 12, Leeds, England

"The fact that we have loads of great celebrities who teach you to be who you are... and the X Factor."

Amy, 13, Somerset, England

"Fish and chips and CBBC!"

Jack, 13, Blackpool, England

"I'm proud of how much we help other countries."

Leah, 8, London, England

"What makes me feel proud to be British is that pretty much every other country can speak our language."

Izzy, 13, Hertfordshire, England