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Pictures: Prize-winning underwater snaps

Check out these prize-winning underwater photographs and see what's lurking below our shores.
Another amazing sea slug pic among the top snaps. This is by George Stoyle and taken in Scotland.
Sea slug
This John Dory was snapped in Plymouth by Samantha Muir.
John Dory fish
This fish might not be smiling but it's photographer Robert Bailey will be happy as it's the runner up in the comp. This yarrell's blenny fish isn't usually found around the UK's coastline, but this one was snapped in Scotland too.
A yarrell's blenny fish
More kelp, but this time it's got a hidden guest! This seal was snapped in the Farne Islands off the coast of Northumberland by Saeed Rashid.
A seal in kelp
Here are some kelp, a type of seaweed, photographed by Dan Bolt in Devon. This competition is run by the British Society of Underwater Photographers working with The Wildlife Trusts.
Kelp seaweed
This sea slug might only be about 5cm long in real life, but the snap has won big and been awarded top prize in an underwater photography competition. It was taken by Trevor Rees in Scotland.
A sea slug