Huge diamond has been sold in Switzerland

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Rare sun drop diamond being heldReuters

A bright yellow diamond has been sold at an auction in Switzerland - to someone extremely rich!

It weights over 110 carats - about 100 times heavier than most diamonds you see in rings and necklaces.

Called a yellow sundrop because of its golden colour, the gem is one of the biggest of its kind in the world.

It's about the size of a person's thumb, and sold for over £7 million to an anonymous buyer.

Strong colours in a diamond like this are extremely rare.

One-carat diamond next to the 100-carat yellow diamond
A one-carat diamond like those found in normal jewellery is on the left. And the huge Sun Drop diamond is next to it!

Earlier this year it was loaned to the Natural History Museum in London.

Alan Hart, the Natural History Museum's minerals curator, said: "I've never seen a stone such as this.

"A one carat diamond is what most people are familiar with, and are really pleased to own. You can see how exceptional this diamond is."