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Pictures: RSPCA Young Photographer of the Year 2011

Check out these fantastic pics from the RSPCA Young Photographer of the Year shortlist.
The RSPCA Young Photographer of the Year competition has had thousands of entries this year, and here are some of the lucky finalists. This is Lily the cat, photographed by 13-year-old Amelia.
Lily photographed by 13-year-old Amelia.
Another two dogs having fun on the beach! Running Through The Waves was photographed by Hemma - she's competing in the under 12's category.
Dogs running through on the beach
And Silhouettes, snapped by Rachel, is competing in the 12-15 age group. The final winners will be announced in December at a special ceremony in the Tower of London.
Mountain landscape with silhouettes of two deers
The competition runs every year. Here's Running Whippets, a pic snapped by Amy, aged 15.
Photograph of two dogs running on a beach
Here's a bird called a black tailed godwit, photographed in the mist. It's by Sophie and part of the under 12s category.
A black tailed godwit bird in the mist
This sheep is braving the windy weather and Emily managed to take a snap. It's now competing in the 12-15 year old category.
A sheep in windy weather
This fish doesn't look very happy. So young photographer Ryan has given it a good title - Disappointment - and it's entered in the 16-18 category of the competition.
Disappointed looking fish
It's a very hungry caterpillar! Here's Hair-Raising Dinner by Owen, part of the 12-15 year old category.
Caterpillar eating food
Before these birds flew away, Scarlett managed to grab this snap. Now the pic is competing in the under 12s group.
Photograph of the sky with four birds flying in the distance