Darth Vader's voice James Earl Jones wins special Oscar

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James Earl Jones posing with his OscarReuters

The actor behind one of the movie world's most iconic voices, Darth Vader, has received a special Oscar.

James Earl Jones is the villain's deep and dark voice in the Stars Wars films.

He was presented with the honorary award while on stage in London, where he's currently performing in a play.

Mr Jones said he was "gobsmacked" to get the prize, which is given to people for "extraordinary distinction in lifetime achievement".

Darth VaderAFP
James Earl Jones originally saw his Darth Vader voice as a special effect - and didn't want a movie credit

Even though he's now 80 years old, Mr Jones still performs on stage and screen.

He said of his Star Wars role: "When I walk out tonight there will be kids with posters to sign... I love it. I love that I was a part of that cult."