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Pictures: Thousands of pets stranded in Thailand floods

Thousands of pets have been stranded by the flooding in Thailand's capital city Bangkok.
Teams of volunteers have been working hard to rescue the poor pets who have become separated from their owners.
Pet rescuers in Thailand helping dogs who have been stranded by the floods.
Many residents in Bangkok, the country's capital, have had to leave their homes and live in emergency shelters.
A rescued dog put safely in a cage.
But for lots of people this means that they have to leave their animals behind as they aren't allowed to stay in the shelters with their owners.
Rescuers put a stranded dog onto a raft.
It's not just people who have been hit by the floods in Thailand...
Soi Dog Foundation volunteers looking for stranded dogs.
Thousands of pets have also been stranded by the rising waters.
A team of volunteers comes back to dry land with rescued dogs.
It's become such a big problem that local authorities have had to set up a special phone hotline for worried owners to call.
A dog rescued from the Thailand floods finds a new home.
Rescuing the animals can be dangerous as the water is deep and polluted. Some people have even reported seeing crocodiles swimming about in the floodwaters.
Thousands of pets including loads of dogs have been stranded in the floods.
It isn't just dogs who are in need of saving, lots of cats are also in need of help. In the last two weeks volunteers in Bangkok have rescued almost 6,000 animals.
Cats have also become stranded in the waters.