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Pictures: 90th anniversary for UK Poppy Appeal

Find out more about the UK's Poppy Appeal and what people are doing to mark Remembrance Day in 2011.
This year marks the 90th anniversary of The Royal British Legion, which runs the Poppy Appeal. Organisers hope to raise £40million in 2011.
Black & white image of two female poppy sellers giving a poppy to a bus driver
Traditionally, poppies are made by disabled or injured servicemen and women. That's why they've been designed to be made with one hand. Over the weekend servicemen and women take part in parades across the country.
Field of remembrance with poppies and photos of service personnel
The Royal Artillery Memorial in Hyde Park, London, has been painstakingly restored because of cracks caused by pollution and rain. It's taken two months but has all been done in time for Remembrance Day.
Royal Artillery Memorial
More than 30 million poppies and 100,000 wreathes are made at the poppy factory in London every year. Even the Queen's poppies get specially made here!
Children making poppy wreathes at factory
Remembrance Day happens every year on November 11. It's the time when we can look back and remember all those who have fought and died at war. This year buildings all round London have been lit up as a sign of remembrance.
An office block lit up with words "your best way to REMEMBER"
A two-minute silence is always held at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, to mark the moment World War I ended. This year it's extra special because for the first time since the appeal began, it has been held on 11.11.11.
Poppies on football field
This picture was taken on Friday morning at Trafalgar Square as thousands of people prepared to mark the two-minute silence at 11am. These school pupils were placing poppies in the waters near the famous fountains.
This is the moment on Friday when the nation came to a standstill. Crowds in central London stand still to remember those lost in war.
Crowds at Trafalgar Square observing 2-minute silence
A place that's normally buzzing with activity - Canary Wharf - where people stand still to remember.
Clocks at showing 11.01am, beside people standing still.
These are veterans from World War II, standing in silence at Spean Bridge in Scotland. Some of them would not have had the choice to join the military, because it was compulsory for men to be 'called up' to serve in the war.
Seven elderly veterans stand in front of a war memorial