Shipwrecks: A pirate's dream or a piece of history?

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Exploring shipwrecks and buried treasure isn't just for Tintin. In the real world, oceans hold about 3 million sunken wrecks.

Treasure hunters have been diving and sending robots into the ocean to explore them for years.

While wrecks might be a pirates' paradise, some think they should be better protected.

This is out of respect for the dead and to help preserve history.

Ten years ago an international deal was made to look after underwater sites that are more than 100 years old.

But this hasn't stopped everyone, as technology develops explorers are able to do more and more to find wrecks.

Watch Joe's report to find out more about some exciting discoveries, and how you might be able to see the wrecks for yourself!

Your comments:

"I think that you should be allowed to dive for treasure because otherwise what good is it going to be at the bottom of the ocean? As long as divers are not ruining the shipwreck than I think it is fine. No marine life should be hurt though."

Imaan, 11, London, England

"I think people should be allowed to dive for treasure."

Sally, 15, Tbilisi, Georgia

"People should only search shipwrecks to get items for museums. The items belong to someone else and not the treasure hunter."

Louise, 12, Kildare, Ireland

"This is really really interesting to see the old boats and all the things they have found."

Lois, 12, Lincoln, England

"We think that we should be allowed to dig up buried treasure because in a few years it might rust and then no one will get to see it. If we don't find new treasures there will be nothing new in museums. Also schools might learn more from the new treasure."

Class 4B, 8, Brighton, England