Soggy hummingbirds shaking off rain in slow motion

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See how a hummingbird shakes its head to get rid of rain (Footage: University of California, Berkeley)

Coping with the rain for most of us usually means using an umbrella or putting your hood up, but have you ever wondered how birds manage?

Some of the answers are revealed in slow-motion footage of water being sprinkled onto a hovering hummingbird.

The tiny bird shakes its head so quickly it can reach a g-force of 34.

That's more than five times the force of a Formula 1 racing car, which typically reach less than 6g when moving at hundreds of miles an hour.

The movement takes just 0.1 seconds and gets rid of almost all the water droplets from its feathers.

The bird was was filmed as part of a study at the University of California, Berkeley.

Professor Robert Dudley, one of the authors of the study, said the bird's head moves 180 degrees in a tenth of a second or less, adding: "It is just extraordinary."