Is this the fastest firework display this year?

Last updated at 14:28

A fireworks display in the west of Scotland lasted just 50 seconds after they all went off at once.

The organisers say they'll hold another display for free later in November.

The display in Oban involved fireworks costing £6000.

It was supposed to last 20 minutes but technical problems meant they all went off within one minute of the start.

Roddy McCuish, the announcer at the event, said it was a mistake.

"When I did announce: 'That was it', people thought I was joking," he said.

There were so many bright fireworks going off at once, Mr McCuish said "it was like daylight".

But the people of Oban didn't seem to mind.

Mr McCuish said the organisers "are going to come back and do a free display in Oban".