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London 2012 Olympics posters revealed

Twelve posters designed by top UK artists for the London 2012 games are revealed.
All the artists were asked to make a poster that represents the games coming to London. This one is by Gary Hume and the big circle at the bottom is meant to represent the wheel of a wheelchair and the smaller circle represents a tennis ball.
Capital by Gary Hume
Artist Fiona Banner's poster Superhuman Nude uses words to describe the human body and features an image of a Paralympic cyclist. All the posters will be on display at Tate Britain.
Superhuman Nude by Fiona Banner
Twelve posters have been designed to promote the Olympic and Paralympic games in London. Artists from the UK have created the images, including this one called Divers which is by Anthea Hamilton.
Divers by Anthea Hamilton
This poster is called for The Unknown Runner and is by the artist Chris Ofili. He said the name of the poster was inspired by runners he can see from his window. The vase, which frames the runner, represents the Ancient Olympic Games.
For The Unknown Runner by Chris Ofili
This poster called Go is by Michael Craig-Martin. The stopwatch is meant to capture the sense of excitement before the games begin, as well as how the athletes feel when the starter pistol is fired.
Go by Michael Craig-Martin
Artist Rachel Whiteread created this poster using the five Olympic colours. The rings represent the famous Olympic rings, but also the marks that are left by drinking bottles or glasses.
London 2O12 by Rachel Whiteread
This poster is of Big Ben, one of London's most famous landmarks, and is by artist Sarah Morris.
Big Ben 2012 by Sarah Morris
This poster by Bridget Riley is called Rose Rose. The coloured lines represent the direction of the Olympic swimming lanes and the athletics track.
Rose Rose by Bridget Riley
Artist Howard Hodgkin's created this poster which is called Swimming. If you look closely enough, you can just make out a figure in the water!
Swimming by Howard Hodgkin
Artist Martin Creed calls this poster Work No. 1273. He said the shape represents an extended podium, which offers the winners more than just first, second or third place.
Work No. 1273 by Martin Creed
Award-winning artist Tracey Emin said she created this poster, called Birds 2012, after she was inspired by the Paralympic team's determination.
Birds 2012 by Tracey Emin
This poster is by Bob and Roberta Smith and is called LOVE in 2012.
LOVE in 2012 by Bob and Roberta Smith