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Pictures: Sculptures on the beach in Australia

Take a look at these wacky sculptures on display on a beach in Australia
This tourist is trying out this bike with bronze coconut sculptures attached to it. It's called "Indian Coca Cola".
Bike with bronze coconut sculpures
It's the 15th year of the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Sydney, Australia. These bizarre looking sculptures made by a local artist are called "Heads up" and are made of steel. They look a bit like the famous statues on Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean.
Heads up sculpture on beach in Sydney
Works from over 100 artists are on display on Tamarama and Bondi Beaches. This unusual mosaic is called "Ship of Fools" and is made from ceramic and glass.
Mosaic on beach in Sydney
Something you'd normally expect to see in a kitchen, this giant tap is made from fibreglass and sits at the top of a hill by Bondi beach. It's called "Who Left The Tap Running" and is getting a lot of attention.
Giant tap sculpture
These eye-catching zebra sculptures are made of fibreglass and are called "Simply Black and White".
Zebras on beach
This spooky skeleton is made from steel and fibreglass and is called "Look This Way". It's certainly caught the attention of these local children!
Skeleton sat on a ladder