Thai floods leave elephants stranded for weeks

Last updated at 15:39

Seventeen elephants have been stranded on a small island in Thailand for more than a month after it was cut off by floods.

Seven of them are under four years old and were too small to escape with the rest of their herd.

Their keeper at the animal shelter in the ancient Thai city of Ayutthaya said they would drown if they tried to wade through the two-metre-deep waters.

So until the waters drop, they're stuck on the five-metre-wide island.

When the floods first swept in, the rest of the 90-strong herd walked or swam to safety. The babies were left behind with their mums to look after them.

But they are being provided with food supplies. Keepers regularly row out to the flooded shelter with fresh deliveries of sugar cane and pineapples for them.