Chat: What are you getting up to this Halloween?

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Hallowe'en pumpkinsAFP

The pumpkins are out, which can mean only one thing - it's Halloween!

Have you got anything planned for tonight? Are you going trick-or-treating with your family and friends, or going to a party?

Or perhaps you've been carving pumpkins and dressing up over the weekend? Or having Halloween fun at school?

Whatever you're doing, fill in the form below and let us know!

And if you've got any great pics of your scary costumes or spooky creations, you can email them to us at and we might put them on TV!

Your comments:

"I'm dressing up as Charlie Chaplin - some people say that he is not very scary but if I met him I would be pretty creeped out."

Anna, 9, Belfast, Ireland

"Today is going to be really fun, I can't wait! I am going trick or treating with friends and family."

Saamiya, 10, Hampshire, England

"I'm going trick or treating with my two sisters and my friends. My dad is REALLY scary!"

Alex, 9, Fife, Scotland

"My friend and I have just carved out pumpkins. She did a Glee inscription and I did a weird face."

Brittanny, 12, Nottingham, England

"Tonight I'm going trick or treating with my best friend. I'm wearing a Scream mask and he is going as a man with a burnt face. We have carved a pumpkin as well and we also bought lots of yummy sweets for visitors."

Brodie, 12, Staffordshire, England

"I am going trick or treating and going to a party."

Jade, 11, Warwickshire, England

"I am going to go trick or treating and put glow in the dark goo on my face so I look like a floating ghost."

Samantha, 9, England

"I am dressing up as a pumpkin and I'm trick or treating all over my town."

Joe, 9, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

"I carved a pumpkin yesterday and tonight I'm going trick or treating as a pirate. Looking forward to it!"

Anna, 12, London, England

"Tonight I am trick or treating for two hours and am going round my whole neighbourhood, plus my outfit is a zombie suit with fake blood!"

Edward, 11, Hampshire, England

"My best friend, sister and I are going to watch a spooky movie, play some Halloween games and go trick or treating. We have also carved two pumpkins. I am dressing up as a girl vampire, my friend is going to be a zombie school girl and my sister is going to be a witch."

Georgina, 10, Yorkshire, England

"Today it's my birthday and I am going treat or treating with my friends."

Eloise, 11 today, London

"My sisters and I are going trick or treating - we are sure to have fun."

Lily, 10, Somerset, England

"I'm going to a Halloween party bobbing for apples and trick or treating with my cousin, when we come back we'll be eating candy and having a party!"

Bobby, 9, Belfast, N. Ireland

Pumpkin carvingsOther
Simon in Walsall sent us these pics of his pumpkin carvings - spooky!

"I'm being a corpse bride for Halloween, with spiders and cobwebs draped over me!"

Katie, 12, Worcester, England