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Pictures: Deadly snowstorms hit America

Heavy snowstorms hit the north east of America, causing traffic chaos and wiping out electricity supplies for millions.
The snow also added an unusual touch to Halloween celebrations in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
A pumpkin patch covered in snow in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
New York has seen its heaviest October snowfall in more than 140 years and there are reports of more than 68cm of snow falling in parts of Massachusetts.
A taxi in New York (image from 29 Oct 2011).
At least nine people are said to have died in snow-related accidents. Officials have declared states of emergency in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and parts of New York, because of the bad conditions.
Snowfall in Washington DC.
The early wintry weather is also causing chaos for people trying to get around. Roads are dangerously icy and loads of flights and trains have had to be cancelled.
A man walks his dog through the snow in the East Village neighbourhood of Manhattan
But it didn't stop fans attending an NFL football game at the weekend. Mounds of the white stuff were piled at the side of a carpark for the New York Giants versus the Miami Dolphins game in New Jersey.
Football fans at the MetLife Stadium before an NFL football game in New Jersey.
Sudden heavy snowstorms are causing chaos across the north east of America, wiping out power supplies for millions of people from Maryland to Massachusetts. Many are expected to be without power for days.
A large tree that's toppled on top of a car after early snowfall in Worcester, Massachusetts