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Pictures: Turkey tries to recover after earthquake

People in Turkey prepare to start rebuilding their lives after an earthquake left thousands of people homeless.
The baby, called Azra, is now recovering in hospital. Rescuers fought hard to try and rescue her mother and grandmother who were also trapped.
Baby azra recovering in hospital
They succeeded. Here Azra is being handed to her mother, Semiha, who was pulled from the rubble a short while after her baby daughter.
Azra is handed to her mother, Semiha.
An earthquake survivor climbs down a ladder from the roof of a damaged building in the eastern Turkish town of Ercis.
An earthquake survivor.
A Turkish girl receives food in one of the many camps set up after the earthquake that struck the east of the country on Sunday. Many thousands are homeless and hungry, and relying on aid from the government.
A girl receives food after the earthquake.
Two survivors carry bottles of water back to their tent after receiving food aid in the town of Ercis. Fresh drinking water is crucial after earthquakes as diseases can spread through contaminated water.
Earthquake survivors.
A two-week old baby girl is pulled from the rubble of her home after being trapped for almost two days.
A baby is rescued.
People stand and look at the ruins of people's homes. More than 400 people are thought to have died in the 7.2 magnitude quake.
People stare at the ruins of people's homes.
Ferhat Tokay, a 13-year old earthquake survivor, recovers in hospital after being rescued in the eastern Turkish city of Van. He was trapped under rubble for 108 hours.
A 13-year old survivor recovers in hospital.
Tents have been set up as relief shelters for earthquake victims in Ercis. The Turkey quake has left up to 40,000 people homeless in freezing conditions.
Tents for earthquake victims.