St Paul's Cathedral reopens

Last updated at 17:09
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Hayley reports on the protests at St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's cathedral has reopened to the public on Friday, even though there are still protesters camped outside.

The cathedral had to close its doors for the first time since World War II last week.

People thought that the protests surrounding the building could be unsafe to the public.

But the protesters have now cleared a pathway and removed bicycles chained to the building's railways, so it's not as crowded as before.

The cathedral opened at 12.30 on Friday afternoon with a special service.

The protests have nothing to do with St Paul's itself. They're demonstrating because the cathedral is near London's Stock Exchange, where banks and money organisations are based.

Protesters are unhappy with the way banks and governments around the world are using and spending money, and they want things to change.

The closure has meant the cathedral - which doesn't get any money from the government - has lost around £20,000 a day.

Normally, cathedrals like St Paul's are open all the time, and welcome anybody who wants to visit.

The building is popular with tourists and school trips.