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Pictures: Hindus worldwide celebrate Diwali

Hindus all over the world are celebrating their annual festival, Diwali.
Windows and doors of houses are left open so that Lakshmi can come in. Patterns called rangoli are drawn on floors and the most popular thing to draw is the lotus flower like this girl is doing.
Girl painting a rangoli with different coloured powders
They also celebrate when Diwali legend, Hindu God Lord Rama returned to his Kingdom Ayodhya. This girl is painting diyas which come in all different shapes and sizes.
Girl painting diyas
The new business year is started at Diwali, and some Hindus will pray to the goddess for a successful year. In this picture, hundreds of firecrackers have been made to use in the celebrations.
Hundreds of firecrackers
These girls are performing at an Indian Culture show in Dublin as part of the Diwali celebrations there.
Girls performing at Diwali celebration
The festival lasts for five days and one reason for it is for Hindus is to honour Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. People light lamps to help Lakshmi find her way into people's homes.
Young girl painting statues of Lakshmi the goddess of wealth
It's known as the "festival of lights" because houses, shops and public places are decorated with small oil lamps called diyas. In this picture a boy is dipping hundreds of diyas into pink dye.
Boy dipping diyas into paint
People of the Skih and Jain religions also celebrate Diwali at the same time, but for different reasons. Here a Sikh man is praying outside the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India.
A Sikh man prays outside the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India.
Diwali celebrations in Leicester are the biggest in England and more than 35,000 people took to the streets to watch performances. It's known as the Festival of Lights and marks the start of the Hindu New Year.
Diwali parade in Leicester
The festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. In Leicester they lit 6,500 lamps to symbolise this.
Diwali light display in Leicester