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Pictures: Aftermath of earthquake in Eastern Turkey

Rescue teams in Turkey are searching for people trapped under rubble after a huge earthquake on Sunday.
Rescue teams in Turkey are searching for people trapped under rubble after a huge earthquake on Sunday. It hit on the east side of the country and measured a powerful 7.2 magnitude.
Rescue workers standing on a collapsed building
The government in Turkey is trying to reassure people, saying tents are being assembled and food given out.
Local people collecting breadsticks from a van
At least 459 people have been killed and the Turkish government say that number could get bigger over the next few days. Over 1,300 people were injured and have been taken to local hospitals. Here, rescue workers and medics have pulled someone out from under the rubble.
Rescue workers looking for survivors
Thousands of people have lost their homes and are sleeping on the streets in the freezing cold. These two men have lit a fire and wrapped themselves up to try to keep warm.
Two men sleeping outside by a fire
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has thanked other countries for their offers of help, but said Turkey could cope with the disaster on its own. Over 2,000 emergency workers and 680 medics are helping with the rescue operation.
A family sleeping outside in the cold
Turkey is a country which is vulnerable to earthquakes because it sits on a major fault line. In 1999 two earthquakes with a magnitude of more than 7 killed almost 20,000 people in the north-west of the country. In this picture, a man is searching for people trapped in a collapsed building.
A man searches for his family in rubble
The earthquake was followed by powerful aftershocks: two of magnitude 5.6 soon after the quake and one of 6 later on Sunday. Here rescue workers are using special equipment to search for survivors in the rubble.
Rescue workers use special equipment to dig in the rubble
The city of Ercis on the east of the country has been worst affected. Nearly 1,000 buildings have been destroyed there. This little boy was found alive in a collapsed building and is being carried to an ambulance by a rescue worker.
Rescued boy being carried by emergency worker
Rescuers managed to free Azra Karaduman, a two-week old baby. She was found alive after being trapped in what was left of her house.
A baby is rescued from the rubble
It is thought the baby girl was trapped for more than 40 hours. Her mother and grandmother were later rescued.
The baby was trapped for more than 40 hours