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Pictures: Ultra-cute newborn dolphin being hand-reared

A baby La Plata dolphin that beached itself after being born is being hand-reared in Uruguay in South America.
Although La Plata Dolphins are technically from the river dolphin family they are the only ones that actually live in the ocean rather than fresh water.
Baby dolphin swimming in the sea with carer
This newborn La Plata Dolphin was found on the beach in Uruguay in South America. The baby still had her umbilical cord attached which meant she had only just been born.
Baby dolphin being carried from the sea by her carer
She's now being taken care of by Richard who works at a wildlife rescue centre. He feeds her from a bottle and takes her for plenty of swimming practice in the sea.
Baby dolphin being fed from a bottle in the sea by carer
Here she is enjoying her swim in the sea of Piriapolis. This baby is very special as La Plata dolphins are considered to be a vulnerable species.
Baby dolphin swimming unaided
She's kept in a little swimming pool indoors in between her swims in the sea.
Baby dolphin in pool
She'll stay at the SOS Rescate Fauna Marina and will continue to be hand-reared until she's strong enough to look after herself.
Dolphin being held in a towel