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Pictures: Eviction continues of travellers at Dale Farm

Pictures as illegal residents at the Dale Farm travellers' site are evicted.
The travellers lost their final appeal on Monday to stay there. This picture shows the police as they arrived on Wednesday morning to start the eviction.
Police lined up at Dale Farm in riot gear
Now that all the protestors have been cleared from the main entrance to the site, caravans and travellers can begin to leave. Here, bailiffs are securing the area around the main gate.
Bailiffs securing site
This scaffolding became a symbol in the travellers' battle, with people climbing and chaining themselves to it in protest. They even applied for it to get a special listed status which would stop it from being destroyed, but the court refused saying it didn't have any historical interest.
Residents on scaffolding with Police stood below
There was violent clashes between police and protestors on Wednesday - some people even set fire to their own property. In this picture, a lady set fire to her empty caravan.
Caravan set on fire
Essex Police arrested more than 30 people. This person is holding a sign up in protest to a police officer.
Resident holding protest sign up to a police officer
Children and their families have been offered housing elsewhere but many don't want to accept it because they say Dale Farm is their home.
School kids waiting to climb up a makeshift ramp
Back in the 1970s, Basildon Council gave permission for 40 families to live next to a scrap yard at Dale Farm. But over the years more and more people set up homes there illegally.
Police moved into the site moving barriers
The cost of the eviction is going to cost around £18 million but is going to end the legal battle that's gone on for the last 10 years. This caravan is being pulled off the camp as travellers leave.
Caravan being pulled away
Around 400 people have been living there without permission and after Monday's decision, it became clear that they would have to leave. These people are stood outside their home as the eviction began.
Residents watching the eviction
There were violent clashes on Wednesday when the eviciton of travellers living illegally at Dale Farm started. Police stand guarding the site early on Thursday morning preparing for day two of clearing the site.
Police stand on guard at Dale Farm
Debris is scattered all around from makeshift barriers that the travellers made to keep police out. In this picture, a watch tower that was made by protestors, has been abandoned.
Debris scattered on Dale Farm
On Wednesday, lots of protestors climbed up this scaffolding in protest. Some even chained themselves to it. After police managed to slowly bring them down, this crane is being used to break apart the structure.
Crane destroys scaffolding at Dale Farm
The Prime Minister, David Cameron has supported the eviction saying they have to go but a United Nations Committee asked for the eviction to be called off. These enforcement officers climbed up the scaffolding and took down protestors' signs.
Enforcement officers on scaffolding removing sign